OpenAI Scala Client Version 1.0.0 is Here!

🚀 Exciting News! Version 1.0.0 of our OpenAI Scala client is here! 🎉

🤖 New Models & Providers:

– Introducing an Anthropic client with a chat completion adapter
– Better integration with Azure, support for leading LLM providers Groq, Fireworks, OctoAI and more 🔥

🔍 API Updates:

– Enhanced support for tools, new message structures, and token count
– Assistant API, fine-tuning improvements, audio features, and more!

🛠️ Refactoring & Adapters:

– Updated factories for better streaming, generalized service wrappers
– New adapters for load balancing, logging, and multi-provider routing

📚 Examples & Tests:

– Over 50 new examples and comprehensive tests

Stay connected for updates and visit our GitHub! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Pinecone Scala Client Landed 🛸

Happy to announce that our Scala client for Pinecone vector database (the very first of its kind) has been just released 🎉

✅ Supports Scala 2.12, 2.13, and 3

✅ Includes two demo projects (e.g., OpenAI embeddings with Pinecone)

Check it out on GitHub or find out more on Medium 👇