Exploring Shift-Symmetry in Two-Dimensional CAs

To better explain the enumeration and probability calculation part of our paper “Shift-Symmetric Configurations in Two-Dimensional Cellular Automata: Irreversibility, Insolvability, and Enumeration,” which is currently under preparation (preprint available here), I’ve created a little supplementary web page and added it to COEL project as a new Symmetry section:


It’s freely accessible so go ahead and give it a try!

Collaboration with GridGain

Thanks to a GridGain academic licence the COEL framework enjoyes a scalable zero-deployment computational grid, which flawlessly fits to our Spring-backed IoC container. The grid can employ up to 512 cores to run mainly chemical simulations, dynamics analyses, and evolutionary optimizations of rate constants.
In Sept ’13 GridGain and PSU released a short press statement (260 pick-ups) describing our colaboration:
prnewswire.com, bio-medicine.org, hpcwire.com